About Us

The fund emerged in a ruined building near Donetsk.
The volunteers who defended Ukraine on the outskirts of Marinka came up with the idea of turning the empty shell casings into souvenirs and selling them for charitable contributions to the unit. So to speak, to start the cycle of good. The idea was supported by patriots from neighboring Avdiivka. While the paint on the shell casings dried, the fund was already registered with government agencies. Later, the founders separated from the unit and began working with modern technologies that would help reconnoiter the occupied territory with less risk to the lives of our soldiers. This is how the Skyguard mobile aerial reconnaissance crew appeared.
Recently, we have realized that travelling helpі us and those under our care heal the souls after the war. Therefore, we developed a separate line of volunteer trips. Now we visit the picturesque locations of the country to make them better ourselves.

A bit of history:


  • We opened our doors in the frontline city of Avdiivka.
  • A charitable shop of military souvenirs began its work.
  • We took charge of the unit of foreign volunteers.
  • We began collecting showpieces from the front line.


  • We wrote a book Avdiivka. The Way to Victory.
  • We founded the exhibition fair The Tent Of Avdiivka.
  • We took charge of the Memorial Complex for Defenders of the Avdiivka Industrial Area.


  • We created Skyguard [Nebesna Varta] – a mobile aerial reconnaissance crew.
  • We began weaving camouflage nets.


  • We started writing the memorial book of the Avdiivka Industrial Area.
  • We started protecting the historical and cultural heritage of the Donetsk region.
  • We started master classes of decorative painting of the metalware of war.


  • We opened a line of volunteer trips and environmentally-oriented cleanups.


  • We suspended the work of our charitable shop, the line of volunteer trips and the museum and exhibition work due to the war.
  • We evacuated our headoffice to Dnipro and changed the line of activity for logistical support of aerial reconnaissance crews.
  • We started the Military Mail – a courier service to deliver parcels service for the military to the Donetsk region.