photo by
Anna Zamaeva

Volunteer Trips

Our story

Once upon a time, we traveled around Ukraine and discovered more and more new locations. Along with it, we also discovered shortcomings – abandoned trails, illegal landfills, dangerous areas, and destroyed infrastructure. Then we decided: why don’t we join forces with other travelers and fix it ourselves?

Our mission.

Tourist attractions and routes that are safe and convenient for travelers, friendly to the environment, preserved in an authentic way, taking into account local traditions and available for leisure activities in various formats, looked after by a motivated team of tourists – this is how we see the future result of our work.

Areas that we taking care of:

Туристичні стежки

Hiking trails

Високогірні притулки

High mountain shelters

Безпека зимових гір

Safety in winter mountains

Архітектурні пам'ятки

Architectural monuments

Чисте довкілля

Clean environment

Використання відходів

Waste management

Спортивні локації

Sports venue

Меморіальні об'єкти

Memorial objects

Our goals

  • Comfortable, safe and labeled hiking routes in mountainous areas
  • A network of high-mountain shelters in the Carpathians equipped with autonomous power plants, heating facilities, medicines and supplies
  • A new level of safety in the winter mountains – making every effort to prevent emergencies rather than to eliminate their consequences
  • Well-groomed architectural monuments, convenient orientation and information content of locations
  • Eliminated landfills in protected areas and near tourist sites
  • Efficient use of recyclable materials and a developed culture of waste sorting among travelers and local residents
  • Improved routes for adventure sports
  • Restored tourist infrastructure in the areas affected by hostilities
  • New monuments of the modern era that preserve the memory of the heroes of the russian-Ukrainian war

Project team

Who are we? We are travelers who strive to make Ukraine’s tourist infrastructure comfortable for traveling. We are athletes who strive to arrange safe locations and routes for cycling, trail running, climbing, mountaineering and other adventure sports. We travel ourselves and see the project through the eyes of tourists, which allows us to accurately understand the needs and challenges of the industry. We are interested in working in the project, because every volunteer action is a new opportunity to travel to our favorite parts of the country.


We strive to involve the opinions and efforts of institutions and communities involved in the tourism industry in Ukraine to choose the best solution for each location we care about. Our idea is to consolidate our efforts with local authorities, environmental protection agencies, travel companies, search and rescue units, sports teams, other NGOs and travelers themselves. We believe that by working together we can make our country a tourist pearl of the world, safe and comfortable for traveling in any format!

How to support the project?