photo by
Anna Zamaeva

We cleaned up Tarakaniv Fort!

For three days we cleaned up the unique architectural monument — Tarakaniv Fort, also known as the Dubnofort outpost. The fort was built in the 19th century and was actively used during World War I. During World War II, German troops were stationed there, where they had warehouses and, probably, the Ahnenerbe laboratory. The legends of the ghosts of the fort are associated with this very laboratory, as it was known for its cruel experiments on people aimed at invention of a universal soldier.
We tookbags, gloves and axes and set off… Not for ghost hunting, but for waste collection on the territory of the fort, which is now on the balance sheet of the Ministry of Defense and is not cared by anyone. The ghosts ranked politely and joined us.


Mystical photos from TarakanivFort:

These three days were incredible – they were filled with adventure, impressions and good deeds. During this time, we:

  • collected around 200 bags of waste;
  • looked into every corner of a unique architectural monument;
  • listened to an interesting tour and some scary stories from the fortcommander;
  • celebrated birthday of one of the volunteers, having made a journey of 150 km by bike;
  • welcomed the participants of this clean-up from the regions ofVolyn, Rivne, Chernivtsi, Donetsk, as well asthe residents of nearby villages and Dubno;
  • agreed on further cooperation with the local community, Dubno Castle, law enforcement officers, the Red Cross and other people concerned of the fate of the fort;
  • received thanks from tourists and guides who promised us not to leave waste in the future;
  • received UAH 200 for consumables from some tourists who stopped by us while we were cleaning the roadside;
  • suggested routes and told short stories to people who visited the fort for the first time as individual travelers.

Can you imagine how incredible it was?



Disbursement of charitable funds raised:
UAH 700 — postal services;
UAH 1,200 — food for the tent camp (but we have eaten less, the uneaten food is sent to our air reconnaissance unit in Avdiivka);
UAH 407 — rain film and consumables (gloves, bags).

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